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Whether you are seeking therapy for the first time or returning after many years, you are taking a decisive step towards growth and change in your life. Our experiences through life, positive and negative, inform our perceptions of our present and our future. Experiences impact the choices we make and affect our confidence in our ability to take the next step in relationships, education and work, and in being our unique selves in the world. Therapy provides the opportunity to take inventory of our life experiences and understand their continued influence on our choices and decisions. 

In my practice, I work with adults and teens who struggle with feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, and worry, or who simply struggle to feel. I specialize in treating trauma and PTSD, helping people to process memories of traumatic events that continue to intrude on their ability to experience a fulfilling and meaningful life.

In our work together, we will begin to observe the thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior that influence your momentum through life. You will begin to recognize, move through, and learn to release patterns that keep you feeling stuck. You will start to identify and develop healthy patterns that nourish and fuel growth and change in your life. 

If you're looking for extra support and guidance during a difficult time or are ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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